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April 2007

Volume 2

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Product Spotlight

Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

Dads, do you ever get frustrated going around the house and switching off lights that your family members have left on? Are you concerned about saving energy? Would you like more convenience in your switching choices? Occupancy and vacancy sensors are really making an impact on all of the above questions. Formally commonly known as motion sensors, these devices are now made with many options and sensing configurations. They can sense motion or sound, you may set the sensitivity, the time length after they no longer sense occupancy of an area to shut off, dimming capabilities and more features. They may be installed in place of a light switch or mounted on the wall or ceiling. There is also on/off override switching, so you can still control them manually. Read this article from Whole Building Design Guide for more information. Click on an image below to go to the manufacturers site of these sensors.

P&S Sensor  WattStopper Sensor  Leviton Sensor  My OnQ Sensor

Electrical Technical

Trenching Depths

Spring is here now and many will start projects outdoors. Some will entail adding power to a new tool shed or garage, low voltage lighting in the garden area or a light or receptacle in the middle of a yard, among other things. One question I get a lot is how deep the wires need to be trenched. Most times I am asked, they think it should not be as deep as code requires or question why it should be so deep. The depth is not to be a nuisance to you but to protect your safety and the safety of the conductors.

According to the National Electrical Code, Article 300.5 and Table 300.5.
Here are the most common trenching depths;
24 inches for all voltages above 30 volts not protected by conduit or GFCI protection,
18 inches under minimum 2 inches of concrete or a driveway,
18 inches installed in non-metallic raceway conduit,
12 inches for maximum 120 volt, not more than a 20 amp circuit and protected by GFCI,
6 inches for control of lighting and irrigation systems not more than 30 volts,
24 inches if you are not sure how deep.

Prior to starting a landscaping project or constructing a building, it is a good idea to have a locator locate the underground utilities to your property so you do not cut into the electric, phone or gas lines. For main service lines to your property, contact Gopher State One Call. Gopher Sate One Call will only locate the primary lines to your property, to locate the secondary lines on your property you will need to contact a private locating service, such as Mid Minnesota Damage Prevention.

Current News

Zotz Electrical Website and Newsletter

It appears that our website is being used by our customers and proving to be a good resource for information. There has been much traffic through the site and I have heard good feedback from those that have viewed it that I have talked to. We are continuing to update and add to each page with more information. It is not quite yet as complete as I would like it to be but it is very comprehensive as of now. We will be updating the bottom of the home page with interesting items on a regular basis. Items such as jokes, interesting pictures, games, obscure science articles and etc.
Find us at http://www.zotzelectrical.com/.

Zotz Electrical Seeking More Business

The month of March was slow for us, but it is Spring before the Summer rush comes and most contractors I have spoken to are also slow. We are currently trying to increase the volume of our customer base. We are a full service electrical contracting shop that can do just about anything you need. Primarily, we are looking for new home or remodeling contractors to service on a full-time basis but we are also looking for the one-time job because we know that you will like our service and craftsmanship and will refer us to others. So you do not need to worry about being serviced in a timely manner, we are also hoping to add a crew to our shop to better serve our customers. Contact Doug Zotz to talk further about how we can serve you.


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