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December 2008

Volume 11

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Product Spotlight

T & B Ty-Rap Cable Tie

The genius of the Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap cable tie is it's simplicity. Each tie is a small, light-weight, virtually indestructible, one-piece, self-fastening plastic strap that can be used to securely bundle cables and wires in seconds. Originally designed to keep aircraft wiring safely in place, Ty-Rap cable ties quickly became a common part of everyday life in the United States. Today, they can be found in car engines, space shuttles, computer networking centers, living room entertainment centers, elementary school classrooms, backyard tool sheds, and too many other locations and applications to name.

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T & B Ty-Rap Cable Tie

At Zotz Electrical, we mainly use these cable ties to attach low voltage control wires to different mechanical appliance's conduits. We also use them to attach circuit runs to the building structure when wood is not present for strapping. But cable ties are very versatile in application! For example, I have used them for attaching the front valance of my daughters car to the frame, used as a hinge on a box' door cover, hanging christmas lights, strapping light loads in my truck so they would not bounce out and more that I can't remember as of now. To make them longer, you can also attach one to the other to get the length you need. They are readily available at electrical wholesale houses, hardware stores or home improvement centers

Electrical Technical

Christmas Light Safety

Christmas Light Display

Christmas lights are beautiful but all that electricity can cause problems if not used properly. Christmas lights can get hot enough to burn or ignite other decorations. The cords can fray, leading to a short. Decorating with lights often requires the use of a ladder, and improper use could lead to an injury. Practice ladder safety when you are putting up Christmas lights. When you put up Christmas lights this season, or holiday lights during any season, be sure to follow these Christmas light safety tips.

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Current News

Zotz Electrical Finishes 2nd Home In Williston, ND

Zotz Electrical has finished the second home in Williston, North Dakota for Diamond Development and Custom Homes. The first was a 1485 sq. ft. 3 bedroom rambler within the Williston city limits. The second was a 2279 sq. ft. 3 bedroom traditional two-story with a full master suite bathroom and a huge garage just outside of the city limits. Along with Diamond Development's projects in Williston, ND, we are going to start a new home and a remodel addition in Tioga, ND for them yet this winter.

Year End Review

It has been a poor year in the economy for most of us. We did go through a boom that lasted about twenty years and started falling off a few years ago. I guess we were blessed and when the economy starts to roll again, all will be fine. For Zotz Electrical, the first half of the year was really slow for us, picking up in the second half, with a slight burst in the last quarter. No telling what next year will bring but we are hopeful. I am grateful for the work we did receive and the new customers that I was able to get to know this year.

I would like to show you two jobs that we did this year that I am proud of, click on the images below for more images and details at our website. The one on the left was a remodel of a '60's three bedroom rambler with detached garage by Konstructiv Homes. What you see if the finished product of their work. Besides the finished product, what was really special about this job is that it was started in the middle of winter, Konstructiv had to remove the roof to install the new walls and roof where the structure was to be made wider, they built a false ceiling out of 2" foam board prior to demolition and the homeowners were able to live in their home while Konstructiv built the new addition over them. The homeowners took a week long vacation and we then were able to finish interior framing, mechanicals and get it insulated & cleaned up before they came back from vacation.

The one on the right is the first complete new agricultural building that we have done from the ground up. It is half horse stable and half machinery & hay storage. This barn was built as part of Lucky's Place Animal Rescue and Adoption Facility in Sauk Rapids, MN.

Konstructiv Homes Ham Lake Remodel              Lucky's Place Horse Barn


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