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March 2007

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Product Spotlight

Hunter Ceiling Fan & Light Remote Control

Do you have a ceiling fan that is too high in the ceiling to reach the chain to change speeds or is their only one switch that controls the ceiling fan/light combo and it is always a hassle to get the light and fan switches just right to have it operate as you request? There is a solution to this problem! With the Hunter Ceiling Fan & Light Remote Control switch (model #27185), it can be installed on almost any ceiling fan and you use a remote control to do the switching for you. There is a receiver that is mounted in the fan's canopy and a transmitter that is mounted with a bracket to the switch on the wall. The remote control can be carried anywhere in the room and hung back on the bracket for storage when not in use.This manufacturer is the only one I have seen that uses this type of bracket system. It is much cleaner and easier to use than the other ones I have seen.

Hunter Remote #27185

Electrical Technical

Light Bulb (lamp) Styles

I hang many lighting fixtures during the course of my work and the one thing that I see is that the proper light bulb is not delivered for me to install. The wattage size usually is correct but I am talking about the style of the glass around the filament to match the globe on the fixture. I believe that the lighting fixtures are an extension to the furniture or artwork in a home and matching the right lamp to the fixture completes the look. With fluorescents or halogens, you have no choice except for wattage size but with incandescent lamps, there are many choices. Here are a few examples.

Frosted and clear lamps give off a different light, the frost diffuses the light and is not so bright to look at, whereas with clear lamps you receive more light but it is harder to look at the lamp. When using clear globes on your fixtures, it looks better to use clear lamps versus looking at at grey orbs inside the globe. When using a clear fixture globe that has prisms cut into the glass, the clear lamp will shine through these and the reflection will give a nice effect as it shines out and onto what the light lands on. You can especially see this on coach lighting on the outside of your house. There are also different color style lamps that you can use to create different effects. A good example of this is during the Christmas season when people put green or red lamps in their outdoor light fixtures.

Frosted A15 Clear A15 Color A15

Electrical lighting's predecessor was the candle. Some light fixtures are made to give the look of candlelighting. There are lamps that are made in this image, flame and bent tip, and some actually look as if there is a flame burning. The flame flickering filament type is low wattage and does not give much light but it does look good.

Flame A15 Bent Tip Flicker Flame

Fixtures that have a bowl as a globe look good with round lamps. Also with bathroom bar light type where the lamp is fully exposed.

Round A15

Globes that are open with decorative swirls at the ends and sometimes etching in the glass are called "tulip" globes. These are made to look like flower petals. A bent tip or straight tip lamp, representing the pistil, finishes the effect well on these.

Bent Tip StraightTip

When you purchase your light fixtures, try to perceive what they will look like in your home. What effect are you trying to get? Something as simple as the light bulb you use in the light fixture will really add to the look of your home. These examples are primarily my opinion, you use what you like the best. Your satisification is what is most important. I prefer clear lamps versus frosted and I have used frosted images above so that you may better see the shape of the lamp glass.

Current News

Zotz Electrical Launches New Website and Newsletter

In an effort to keep customers informed on electrical trends and issues, we have launched a website and e-newsletter this past month. It is something I have wanted to do since I first started in business. I talk to many people about their homes when we are discussing what they want in it and how it will function but many times what I am trying to communicate is not understood by my customer because they have not seen these things before. At the site, there will be many images of what things will look like and it will make it easier for the customer to make a decision on different lighting styles or products. We will also offer our commentary on different products and why we use these products. To be informed of problems in your home, we have a frequently asked questions page that should clarify what the problem is and the solution to fix it. Among other things, there is a special offers page with coupons of the month that you may use. The site is comprehensive and functional but new things are being added daily.
Find us at http://www.zotzelectrical.com/.

Harrington Homes Is Ready For The Parade of Homes

Though Harrington Homes is not officially in the Parade of Homes, their model was completed in time to show during this period. But the design and workmanship surely would of made them a contender for winning the Reggie Award. Marty Harrington is the builder and owner of Harrington Homes. He is a small volume custom home builder in the north and northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities. Marty is personally involved in all stages of the building process, from design to closing. You can find Harrington Homes on the web at,
Or go tour their model at 9198 Kagan Ave. NE , Otsego, MN. While you are touring their model, you can see the quality of Zotz Electrical's workmanship, as also the other tradesmen.


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