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Val's Rapid Service
in St. Cloud, MN

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Val's Rapid Service in St. Cloud, MN

Val's Rapid Service in St. Cloud, MN

Since the detour of Division Street in St. Cloud for bridge construction, I have been driving by Val's Rapid Service when I go into St. Cloud. Many times, I have my youngest daughter with me and when we see Val's, we always talk about how we should stop sometime. Last Saturday we did. From the outside, it looks pretty subdued and inside, brings the memories of State Fair cuisine establishments. To order, you use a touch screen computer that also features options for your burger or size of fries or drink, you can truly get it made your way. The computer also has a feature where you can pay with a credit card. It gives you a receipt and you wait for your number to be called.

We received our bags of food and proceeded to the truck. The counter lady had told us what was in each bag, as I looked in the bag all I saw was french fries, thinking that the lady has told us wrong, I looked in the other bag and saw french fries. As it turns out, Val's Rapid Service is famous for giving mounds of fries with each order. The burgers were great, fries were very good and the shakes we ordered were thick and tasty.

Val's Rapid Service is a takeout order establishment. You may order at the restaurant or phone your order in for pick-up. Burgers vary with the different toppings you request and the number of patties. They even have a shrimp burger. The fries are generous and good. The thick shakes come in the standard flavors but they also have some that you have not seen before. It is also a good value. It was a good experience and the atmosphere actually brought back some fond memories of certain events and a time gone by. I'll will sure go again!

Val's Rapid Service
628 E Saint Germain St
St Cloud, MN 55319
(320) 251-5775

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