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Superbirds and a Daytona

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Superbirds and a Daytona

Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

I was heading to a big box store next to Ellingson Car Museum in Rogers, MN, I noticed a Plymouth Road Runner Superbird in Ellingson's parking lot. I said to myself that when I was done, I would stop by and snap a few photos. To my surprise, there were three Superbirds and one Dodge Daytona in the parking lot. I took a few quick photos and checked the cars out. I would have taken more pictures but I did not want to intrude further without permission. The owners must have been inside the Ellingson Car Museum because I did not see anyone. What they were doing there, I do not know. They were all from outside of Minnesota according to their license plates.

It is very rare to see these cars. There was one that drove around the Brooklyn Park, MN area during the 70's but I never knew who owned it. To see four of these cars together was pure pleasure. Except for the Dodge Daytona, the Superbirds were either restored to original condition or were mantained very well these past 40 years. The Daytona was a street-legal replica of Charlie Glotzbach's #99 NASCAR Dodge Daytona race car. It had the paint scheme, rollcage and window net but the interior and the safety features were pretty much stock. But when I looked underneath the car, it had a NASCAR exhaust! I would of loved to hear the Daytona fired up!

Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Three Superbirds and a Daytona SuperBird Wings SuperBird Noses SuperBird Nose Superbird Road Runner

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