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Punchline Jokes

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Punchline Jokes

Suzie says, "You have your shoes on the wrong feet!" Punchline

The Old Man tells the Young Boy, "I've been skating since I was two years old." Punchline

The Boy wonders, "Why isn't my nose twelve inches long?" Punchline

The Wise Old Philosopher asks his Disciple, "When is a car not a car?" Punchline

The Math Teacher asks Jimmy, "If you had five candy bars and I ask for two, how many would you have left?" Punchline

The Customer asks the Shoe Salesman, "Do you have alligator shoes?" Punchline

Harry asks, "Imagine you were on an island surrounded by monsters. What would you do?" Punchline

Jenny asks the Wildlife Officer, "What is stranger than seeing a catfish?" Punchline

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