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Vizia 24 Hour Timer

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Leviton Vizia 24 Hour Timer

Leviton offers many products that will help lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living. By simply replacing standard switches with timer switches will reduce energy consumption and extends bulb life. Leviton brand Timer Switches offer advanced features, superior accuracy and contemporary aesthetics. Their selection provides convenient timed control of lighting and motor loads in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms and other small commercial applications. Homeowners can set lights to turn on and off for a lived-in look while they are away, or automate control of heat lamps, pool pumps or bathroom fans. Their versatile selection includes fully programmable and preset timers in popular styles and colors.

  • Timer settings at a glance with large
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Flexibility to program weekdays, weekends or any combination of days
  • Provides up to 50 On/Off events per day
  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment option
  • Rechargeable battery keeps time during temporary power outages
  • For single pole, 3-way or more locations
  • Loads include; 1800W Incandescent, 15A Resistive/Inductive, 1HP
  • 120VAC 60HZ systems

We have installed these in many applications. They are very easy to program. We would be glad to install this timer for you, so that your application is worry free for your needs.

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