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March 2008

Volume 9

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Product Spotlight

AirZone Bath Fans by Panamex

At Zotz Electrical, we use AirZone V-Series bath exhaust fans. They are extremely quiet and to date, we have not had any problems with them. It is a quiet exhaust fan with many quality features, such as energy efficiency, long motor life, rust-proof, no back drafts, thermal fuse protection and more. There is also a wider array of models to choose from than our standard installation, cfm rating, sone level, exhaust fan/light combinations or fixtures and heating elements. Go to their website to see all that Panamex has to offer.

AirZone Bath Fan / Light Combo    AirZone 70cfm Bath Exhaust Fan    AirZone Bath Fan / Fixture Combo    AirZone Bath Fan / 1250w Heater Combo

Electrical Technical

How A GFCI Receptacle Works

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFI) is a personnel protection device (receptacle) that detects current leakage and removes power to the receptacle. Current National Electrical Code calls for GFCI receptacles to be installed in kitchen countertop, bathroom, laundry room, basement, garage and outdoor receptacle locations. They have determined because of the wet or damp location of these areas and the use of portable cord connected appliances & tools that it is wise to have these receptacles protected by GFCI, for the primary reason of safety to persons from electrical shock.

The way the GFCI works is that internal to the GFCI receptacle is a circuit board that looks for an imbalance of current. It reads the input current on the hot wire and the output current on the neutral return wire . If the discrepency of the current is above 5 mille-Amp (plus or minus 1 mA), the circuitry opens the switching contacts and de-energizes the circuit. The mA used above stands for one thousands of an amp, so 5 mA is equal to 5/1000th of an amp. It can react as quickly as one-thirtieth of a second, which is within one cycle of the way power is generated in America.

The importance of this is the reason it works, let's say it is reading 4 amps input and for some reason the neutral return path has been disconnected or damaged, it is quite possible that a person becomes the path of return and receives as much of the 4 amps as the resistance in their body will allow. As soon as the GFCI receptacles realizes this, it turns itself off by tripping it's circuitry. Which can save the life of the person that was trying to use the faulty tool or appliance. Most shocks do not lead to death or serious injury but if the person has low resistance in their body, a bad heart or depending on how the route of the electrical path is taken through the body, it may cause death or serious injury.

Do not assume that because there is a GFCI receptacle on a circuit that it is working properly. Over time or because of lightning strikes in your area, they do go bad and become faulty. This is why the manufacturer has installed a test button on the GFCI receptacle and advised them to be tested monthly.

Current News

UTC Fire & Security Aquires Firex

UTC Fire & Security completed its recently announced acquisition of FireX Safety business of Invensys plc on December 31, 2007. UTC Fire & Security is a unit of United Technologies Corp. The purchase includes FireX smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat alarms. The purchased operations are located in Plain City, OH, and Carol Stream, IL. During the transitional period, Invensys will provide certain shared services including manufacturing, distribution and administration to ensure a smooth transfer of operations.

UTC Fire & Security is a global provider of fire safety and security solutions serving more than one million customers worldwide. United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Conn. is a diversified company providing high technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries worldwide.

Emergency and Maintenance Service Work

If an emergency situation arises at your home or business, call us for prompt service. Zotz Electrical is willing to come at all hours to give assistance to protect your safety and property. When you contact us, we will ask you what is happening with your electrical problem. When we have the information, we will assess the problem and give you advise on what to do until we get there. A lot of times, things are not as serious as they seem and we will be able to calm your fears. If you are a business, we will do whatever it takes in our power to get your electrical problem fixed as soon as possible so you have as little down time as possible to keep your customers satisfied.

We would also like to do your maintenance work in your building. Such as changing fluorescent ballasts, adding or changing receptacles for displays, electronics or machines or whatever your business may need.


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