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May 2007

Volume 3

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Product Spotlight

P&S Trademaster Hallway Lights

Not just a simple nightlight, this attractive hallway light with bottom outlet mounts in a standard single gang box with an LED light. The Trademaster Decorator Nightlight with One Outlet adds an extra measure of safety and security to walkways, hallways, stairwells and children's bedrooms. The built-in sensor automatically turns the light ON in the dark. The Trademaster Hallway Light features an energy-efficient ¼ watt LED that, on average, lasts more than 40 years. The hallway light also features an impact resistant face and body that installs quickly with side or back wire and mounts in a standard single gang box. Or a full Trademaster Decorator Nightlight that blends in, instead of standing out.
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Electrical Technical

What About Compact Fluorescent Lamps? - Part One

Many times I am asked about compact fluorescent lamps (cfls). Here are some of the questions I receive. Do they save money? Yes, they do save you money. If you use a 60 watt incandescent and replace it with a 13 watt CFL, do the math and you will see the savings. Even with the initial cost of the CFL, there is still a big savings.

Watt vs. Lumen Comparison Table
Light Output (lumens) 450 800 1100 1600 2600
Incandescent Bulb(W) 40 60 75 100 150
CF bulb (W) 9 13 18 23 32
Energy Cost (per year) CF vs Incandescent
$2.62 vs $11.65 $3.79 vs $17.42 $5.24 vs $21.84 $6.70 vs $29.12 $9.32 vs $43.68
Savings (per year) CF vs Incandescent $9.03 $13.63 $16.60 $22.42 $34.36

Is the light the same? They say the wattage is equivalent but it doesn't look like it, why? The lumens (light output) are the same but there is a difference in the type of light. You have grown use to the light that is emitted by a clear or frosted incandescent lamp. But with fluorescents, the light that is perceived can be different depending on how many watts and especially, how much phosphorous coating is in the lamp. You need to check the Kelvin and Color Rendering Index. On better lamp manufacturers, you will find these ratings on the packaging.
Kelvin - What is the difference between 2700K and 5000K?
The K stands for Kelvin. The Kelvin temperature of a lamp refers to the actual color of the light and is a comparison to natural outdoor light. A 2700K lamp has a warmer tone than a 5000K lamp. An incandescent lamp is 2700K, a warm white fluorescent lamp is 3000K, a cool white fluorescent lamp is 4100K and noon, outdoor sunlight is about 6000K. The 2700K matches the warm soft light color of candlelight, firelight or an ordinary incandescent bulb. The 5000K lamp produces a much whiter light more closely associated with sun light. The advantage of this 5000K light color is that it increases contrast. Black becomes blacker, white become whiter. Printed material (black type on white paper) is easier to read under 5000K light. Therefore, this lamp makes an excellent reading light and can help reduce eye fatigue.
Color Rendering Index - How does the light of CFLs compare to incandescents?
You can find many fluorescent and compact fluorescent products that match the same color as incandescent. Look for light bulbs that say "Warm White" or "Soft White". These have a CRI (Color Rendering Index) above 70. Warm light is 70’s to mid 80’s CRI. But also note that the higher the CRI the ‘cooler’ the light feels, the bluer the effect. Fluorescents can also provide light similar to outdoors or day light. The fluorescent bulbs should have a high CRI, which determines color accuracy, and a high Kelvin temperature (color of light) that replicates natural sunlight at high noon. A bulb like this would have ratings of: CRI of 82 or more (daylight is 100) and a Kelvin of 5500 or more (daylight is 6000). These bulbs are sometimes referred to as ‘natural’, ‘full spectrum’, etc.

Do they come in different shapes, other than the spiral? Yes, they do. Go to GE Lighting's CFL webpage to view what they have available.

A19 CFL    G29 CFL    R30 CFL    B13 CFL

Are they really the answer to save the environment and stop global warming? This will be answered in part two of this article with the conclusion in the next Z'Electrical Gazette E-Newsletter.

Current News

Zotz Electrical Wires Metro Utilities New Shop

Metro Utilities is moving from their current location to their new property in Elk River, MN. Metro Utilities is a utility excavating and installation company that does their work primarily on commercial and industrial building, school and large retail properties. The new property came with a building that had a service, a few receptacles and two outdoor spots in the ceiling. We completed the first phase of the electrical in this building, which included low-bay light fixtures to properly illuminate the building, security lighting and some more receptacles for specialty reasons. Phase two will come later this summer with the addition of an office, bathroom and mechanical room. View some images of the work, click here.

Metro Utilities Shop before    Metro Utilities Shop after
Before                                                                                    After

811 Number For Gopher State One Call

Congress directed the FCC to allocate a 3 digit number to allow persons to reach the sixty plus one call centers in the United States. The one call center is who you can contact to have your primary utilities located. In Minnesota, it is a free service provided so when you dig or trench, you do not hit electric, gas or phone lines. This new number does not replace the old phone numbers but makes it easier to remember a number to contact them. The new 811 number is in use now and more phone providers are being added. It does not save time to use this number, as there are two more steps required to get to the queue pool if you are using a cell phone. Click here, to learn more about Gopher State One Call and click here for their FAQ page on the new 811 number and procedure.


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