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The Thunderbird Creature of Arizona

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The Thunderbird Creature of Arizona

The Thunderbird Creature of Arizona

I was watching "Wild West Tech" on the History Channel and they had an episode about strange sightings in the sky. One of the segments was about the Thunderbird, an American Indian legendary bird. They sited two stories about Thunderbirds that had been shot out of the sky in Arizona. One was about two men that were out hunting and a Thunderbird attacked them. They killed it and brought the wing tips into town to report the incident to the newspaper, when they went back to find the carcass, it was gone. The other story they had, showed this picture here and how a U.S. Cavalry squad had shot one down.

The stories on "Wild West Tech" piqued my interest and I did some research on the internet about the Thunderbird. Being a boy in Texas, I had heard stories of pteradactyls alive near El Paso, Texas. Since then, I have heard stories of dinosaur type animal sightings throughout the world and recently I had just got done watching a video series on creation science, by Ken Hovind, that showed evidence that not only did man and dinosaurs exist together but it is quite possible that some species are still alive today.

The things that I have found out about this photo vary. Here are a few of the links I found for you to check out the Thunderbird Legend further:
Burlington News - This is where I found the photo I saw on "Wild West Tech".
TrueAuthority.com - Stories from different American Indian tribes.
CryptoZoology.Com - Brief synopsis of the Thunderbird.
The Cryptozoologist - Shows a fake photo comparable to the one shown on this site and they have many other cryptozoology items.
Creation Science Evangelism - You can download and view the video series here that speaks for a young Earth, dinosaurs and the problems with the theory of evolution. Many science facts, photos and detailed and documented information.
"Wild West Tech" - Very good show on the technology used during the "cowboy" era of our history, hosted by Keith and David Carradine.

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