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Lutron Ariadni Dimmer Switch

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Lutron Ariadni

The Lutron Ariandi Dimmer Switch are the standard dimmer switch that we use. They are an attractive switch and easy to use, also featuring true 3-way dimming, rated up to 1000 watt capacity and fit in a standard switch plate. There are fan speed controls available, too.

  • Features toggle switch and small slide dimmer.
  • True 3-way switching, never lose the ability to dim.
  • Power failure memory.
  • Night light models available.
  • Model available with eco-dimŽ feature (dimmer guarantees you at least 15% energy savings).
  • Night light models available.
  • Rated at 600 and 1000 watt capacity.

To create the right aura or drama for your home, we can install these on your next project in place of regular switches at an affordable price. Or if you would like us to replace these in your existing switch locations, we would be glad to install them at our low dimmer switch price and a service call fee, in most applications.

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